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Your Playable account

Logging in, passwords, and account administration

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When you log in to Playable with your email and password, you are accessing your company's shared account. Each user has their own log-in credentials, but you are all working on the same account and campaigns.

You have to update your password every 6 months to keep your account secure. If your password expires, or if you have trouble logging in, you can always click the "forgot password" link on the platform's log-in page. This will send an email where you can update your password.

For security reasons, we ask you to update your own account settings:

  • resetting your password

  • updating your contact information

  • adding and deleting users

Some of these options are only available for users with administrative privileges. If you don't know which of your colleagues is an account administrator, feel free to reach out to our chat support and ask!

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