Editing a Live Campaign

You can always edit a live campaign

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You can continue to edit your campaign after you publish it.

But unlike the Demo URL, the Live URL will not reflect these edits immediately!

The Live URL shows a cached version of your campaign. This is based on both our server cache and your browser cache. You can read more about both kinds of cache below.

Step-by-step for editing a live campaign

  1. Make your edits in the frontend campaign builder or in the backend.

  2. Click the "clear cache" in the backend.

  3. Open the Live URL in an incognito window or clear your browser cache.

  4. You should now be able to see the changes you've just made.

Server cache

Our server cache automatically clears every hour, but you can clear cache manually using the Clear Cache link at the top of the page.

This will make sure the Live URL shows the most recent version of the campaign.

Note: the clear cache link will appear only after you publish your campaign, as there is no cache on the Demo URL.

Browser cache

Even after you clear server cache, your web browser will probably load a cached version of the campaign.

You can manually clear your browser cache, but it is often easier to test in a new "private" or "incognito" browser window (this works on both desktop and mobile browsers).




If you have cleared server cache and your campaign looks "correct" on the Demo URL but "wrong" on the Live URL, it is almost certainly because of browser cache.

Make sure you have closed your private browsing window and opened a new one, since some data can be saved if you are still in the same "session".

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