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Use your own website's domain for your Playable campaigns

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By default, your Playable campaign URLs will start with [companyname], but you can set up custom subdomains on your own website, rather than using your Playable subdomain, by setting up a CNAME record.

Add a custom domain

  1. Go to Account Settings > Global Administration > Domains and add a new domain.

  2. Type in the subdomain you want.

    1. You will have to select a certificate type for your domain, either Playable provided which is the default and most commonly used (We are using Amazon AWS to host) or import your own.

    2. If your website is, your subdomain can be,,, etc.

    3. It's important that the desired word is in front of the main domain

  3. Once you have entered your desired custom domain, click Start setup.

This will give you the information you need to send to your website administrator in order to set up the custom subdomain.

Your website administrator will insert the information in the DNS settings for your website. it is not enough to just create the subdomain in Playable, you need to add the information to your own website in order for the subdomain to be active.

Note that for each subdomain you need to create two CNAME references.

When will my subdomain be ready?

There can be a delay of up to 24 hours between when you create your CNAME and when the subdomain will be active, depending on your website's settings.

Playable cannot speed up this process, so make sure you get your subdomain set up early, before you want to publish your campaign.

You can see in the platform whether your subdomain is active or invalid.

Adding multiple custom domains

It's possible to set up multiple custom subdomains. If you have more than one, you will be able to select which subdomain you want to use for any given campaign under the campaign's Publishing menu.

You can also set your main or default domain under Global Administration > Domains.

Remember that if you have multiple Facebook app IDs, you will need to connect the correct app ID to the campaign, based on which domain it uses.

Setting a default campaign

Once you create a custom domain, you can set a specific campaign to load on that domain, without the URL alias.

For example:

  • You have a custom domain:

  • You publish a scratchcard, and the Live URL is

  • If you set this scratchcard as the "default" campaign on the custom domain, it will also load on without the /scratchcard at the end of the URL

  • If you then publish a quiz, you can change the default campaign so that loads the quiz instead of the scratchcard

  • will still load the scratchcard and will still load the quiz

To do this, modify the custom domain and select a campaign from the drop-down menu. You can only select published campaigns that are currently live.

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